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Protect Your Facility from Illegal Activity

By Anne Mari DeCoster
AZSA Executive Director

At the January 23 Educational Workshop in Yuma, Detective Rick Keeling, Arizona Department of Public Safety, and DEA Agent Tom Coney helped AZSA members learn how to spot illegal activity on their properties. Their overall guidance:

You know what’s normal, so focus on what’s not normal.

And follow the advice of Carol Mixon-Krendl, owner of SkilCheck Services.  In many of her presentations to self-storage operators, Carol advises that if a prospect’s behavior makes you suspicious, don’t rent to them. It is better to say no to a rental than to end up with a problem tenant.

Detective Keeling and Agent Coney gave a laundry list of signs to watch out for among prospects and tenants:

DEA & DPS suggestions to keep your facility crime-free:

Other resources to check out:

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