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UPDATED - Corona Virus: Resources to Help Self-Storage Owner/Operators

By Amy Amideo
Arizona Self-Storage Association

In the midst of confusion and concern about COVID 19, the self-storage industry is demonstrating good will and sound judgement regarding keeping employees and tenants safe and able to access their stored property. 

As COVID 19 crisis evolves, AZSA will continue to update you with links to relevant resources to help guide you and your business through these turbulent times.

Another critical issue on the minds of business owners is employee retention. Recently, the Treasury Department and the IRS launched the Employee Retention Credit; this credit is designed to assist businesses to keep employees on their payrolls. For further details on the credit please press the link below.


IRS Employee Retention Credit - CARES Act


In response to member requests, we are providing more resources to help you respond to the situation. Our national association, the Self Storage Association, is regularly posting information regarding orders, mandates, and recommendations from governing authorities around the country. Thus far, according to the SSA information regarding Arizona, "No statewide directives have been issued for nonessential businesses to temporarily close," so that's good news for self-storage operators! You can check the SSA website below at any point for updates on this status.  

Self Storage Association Corona Virus Resources

We are also fortunate to have many seasoned owner/operators among our members and Board of Directors. Because of their generosity, we are able to share a resource provided by AZSA Board Members Jeff Gorden, Eagle Commercial Realty Services - Argus Self Storage Sales Network, and Korey Hanson, Argus Professional Storage Management.

Linked to the yellow button below is a Microsoft Word document with the content of a letter you can send to your tenants regarding steps you are taking to keep them safe and able to access their stored property. Written by Korey Hanson, the letter includes {bolded phrases and words appearing in brackets} that you can replace with facility specific information. The letter can be downloaded as a Word file so you can save it on your computer and modify as needed.

Please note that the decision to send such a letter must be made by the facility owner, as a matter of company policy. Please seek guidance from the facility owner before taking any actions. 

Corona Virus Letter to Tenants

We will continue to monitor the situation and provide helpful resources as we discover them. Please feel free to share resources, suggestions, and questions by emailing us at


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