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Security - Necessity not a Luxury Anymore

by Adrian Pop
Marketing Manager, ICRealtime


Security today is not a luxury; it is a necessity. Although the self-storage industry has not come to a screeching halt, as the hospitality and restaurant industries, it has seen some impact. Times like these are like little seedlings of opportunity - encouraging us to grow, change, and pursue going from “Good” to “Great.”

As cliche as this may sound, Self Storage sells security - and your customers expect this, but most are willing to pay a premium knowing that their possessions are safe, wouldn’t you? Now is the time to take care of those surveillance loopholes or plan out your self-storage security more strategically - your competitors and big box stores are, why aren’t you? 

Security is in significant demand, everything from thermal solutions to cameras that can count people and detect suspicious activity or even cameras with the ability to see full color at night. Another crucial product on the market is Body Temperature Measurement (aka BTM solutions). This technology, in some cases, supports businesses to remain open with appropriate protocols. IC Realtime offers all these products and more. 

IC Realtime also carries an intelligent video search engine called Ella that can detect when people are less than 6 feet apart. This software can majorly help your business with new social distancing efforts. Would you like to know when your business capacity is close to your thresholds in lobbies, retail stores, or common areas? You can rest easy because Ella will do just that. Security and surveillance demand remain strong and will increase in the upcoming months and years to come. If you are looking for ways to improve your surveillance security or want to learn more about what to expect from the short-term and long-term market, check out this round table discussion with Matt Sailor (IC Realtime visionary in chief). READ FULL ARTICLE HERE.  

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