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Sales Statistics are Astounding

By Anne Mari DeCoster
AZSA Executive Director
Source: Judy O'Higgins,

Woody Allen has the best comment on statistics I've ever heard:

"Statistics are like bikinis:
what they reveal is interesting...
but what they CONCEAL is essential!"

What are your sales follow up statistics concealing? Do you have any? Most of you have management software capable of tracking your team's follow up efforts.

Follow up is key, according to top sales professionals, including those at the 4th Annual Small Business Symposium in Glendale on April 4, hosted by SCORE, a non-profit association helping small businesses grow. In fact, it was in the follow up efforts of Judy O'Higgins, relationship marketing expert for, that I learned these startling statistics about sales people and their efforts:

But sales are actually ACHIEVED after plenty of follow up:

Now you know why top sales professionals keep reaching out to you: because it works!

And you also know how to guide your team to success: follow up early and often to make the sale.


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