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Now Available! 2nd Edition of Richard Marmor's Arizona Self-Storage Related Statutes, Commentated

This is the most complete treatment of statutes relating to self-storage in Arizona.  Written by one of the country's foremost experts in self-storage, Richard Marmor, this 2nd edition includes information frequently requested by AZSA members, such as military tenants and abandoned property. The book's format is also revised, with reference to each statute addressed in the front with the Table of Contents, so you can easily find what you need.

AZSA's mission is to improve the professionalism of the self-storage industry in Arizona, and that is accomplished one owner/operator at a time. It is crucial that this resource be readily available to every AZSA member. Because it is so important to get this in your store, we are offering it at a special promotional price of $26.95. Please take advantage of this special offer to put this valuable legal resource in the hands of all your managers. 

Available to AZSA members only from the Store on this website.

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