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Marketing - 'Tis the Season, But These Ideas are Good All Year Round!

Sue Haviland's webinar is chock full of marketing ideas to implement now during the holiday season or any time of year. Topics include cause marketing, strategic alliances with local businesses, events, and many other ideas about how to connect with prospects in your 1-3-5 mile radius.

Interested in Health Care Coverage as an AZSA Members Benefit?

When we emailed the Owner/Operator and Small Facility dues invoices on November 28, we included a request for input on your interest in health care coverage as a members benefit. Click the headline to find out more.

AZSA Drive By: Storage Corral and Their Holiday Food Drive

Random acts of facility touring expand beyond Phoenix! See how new AZSA Member Storage Corral in Camp Verde took suggestions from AZSA's Holiday Marketing Webinar by Sue Haviland's and put them into action right away.

Self-Storage Demand Continues to Grow, and So Does Supply, as New Facilities Open Nationwide

Strong job growth supports increased demand. Average rental rates for climate controlled space in Phoenix continues to grow. Pipeline of new supply sees fewer new projects nationally.

Relative of Tenant Searching for Remains

The relative of a tenant seeks help finding cremation remains. The space was rented by Monique Anaya or Carlos Escalante. If you have any information, please click on the headline to help.

Online Reviews Determine Your Business Success

A high quantity of positive, recent online reviews determines where you show up in Google searches. You can’t afford to ignore this vital component of your business plan. Read more about what AZSA Members Terry Anderson of Tenant Property Protection and Nate Tall of Podium said about Reputation Management in a recent AZSA webinar. Also, learn about Google's new guidance on negative reviews from disgruntled employees.

AZSA Drive By: StorQuest on 7th Street

Random acts of facility touring hit Phoenix! See how StorQuest's Taj Mahal of storage fared.

Recordings of AZSA Webinars Online for Your Continuing Education

From Auctions to Reputation Management, they are all online in the Members area for you to view and review.

Ever Consider a Black Friday or Cyber Monday Special?

It’s not really a “self-storage thing" to do, but self-storage is doing a lot of things differently these days! So maybe a Black Friday or Cyber Monday Special should be in your plans for this month? Check out Mini-Storage Messenger's plans, and read about a small business that picked up an additional $67,000 in revenue with their first Cyber Monday special.

How was the Conference?

If you didn't have a chance to return the paper evaluation at the conference, we still want your feedback! Please click "Read More..." for a link to a short evaluation on Survey Monkey, and see a funny photo of one of your favorite speakers.

Lien Seminar Video Coming Soon

The first video segment of Richard Marmor's popular legal seminar will appear in the members area of the AZSA website soon, and here are the contents.

Investment Marketplace Update: Q3 Self-Storage Sales & Development

U-Haul is active in acquisitions; many are active in development! Year-to-date new store openings in Q3 of 2018 are quite comparable to this point last year, and there are still plenty in the pipeline.

The Value of This Investment Never Goes Down

Connect to causes important to your customers. You'll be impressed with the results. "The age of the customer" has different rules for business success. Today's consumers - especially millennials - consider more than the jingle in their pocket when choosing who wins their business.

AZSA Members Enroll in Charity Storage

Will you HELP HEROES HEAL as part of our yearlong campaign? Many of you are already enrolled in Charity Storage. We encourage all AZSA members to have a Charity Storage auction before the end of November to benefit AMVETS, our Keynote Speaker Sherman Gillums Jr.'s organization.

Conference connection: AMVETS coming to Phoenix VA for Town Hall

Last month? Inspiration - from Sherman Gillums Jr. at AZSA's 20th Annual Conference. This month? Input - from you, at AMVET's Town Hall Meeting at the VA.

Is Arizona’s Abundant Sunshine the Right Energy Source for Your Facility?

We have plenty of it! Can sunshine save your business money? This whitepaper will help you evaluate the options.

Protect Your Storage Site's Reputation - Online & Off!

When an online review can affect up to 250 future customers, and companies that proactively manage their online reputation grow 24% faster than their competitors who DON'T intentionally manage their reputations - you can't afford to ignore this! Yes, you, a self-storage facility, YOU need a reputation management plan. Want to learn more? Click the headline.

Getting Started in Self-Storage

Management software, SEO, accounting, occupancy...there's so much to learn when you're considering a self-storage project for the first time. Perhaps a video or two, and maybe a downloadable guide, would be helpful? Click the headline to find out more.

What's New? More Facilities!

Self-storage development in Phoenix continues at a brisk pace, as does the price per square foot of new facilities being sold.

Don't Ignore Your Self-Storage Market's Vital Signs

Which metrics demonstrate a market's overall health? What are today's occupancy and rental rates in my market? Regardless of where these measures are today, how can I tell which direction the market is headed? High quality data-driven analytics provide answers for the self-storage industry.

Bringing Actionable Data to the Arizona Self-Storage Market

Self-storage is a local business and data is critical to understanding local market dynamics. Our industry has lacked reliable data in the past but new sources are filling the void with actionable, thorough and timely data.

Do You Have One of These?

Tucked in a hope chest, displayed in a shadow box, or somewhere else among your treasures, do you have a carefully folded American flag, given to you at a military cemetery after the funeral of your loved one? July 4th is a good time to bring it out and remember that freedom isn't free.

Technology is Changing the Self-Storage Industry

New developments in management software, call management, and cloud access control are just a few of the ways technology is changing the way we do business in self-storage. Here are a few ticklers to pique your interest.

They're Our Heroes - Help Them Heal

Renting season is in full tilt and the summer is officially upon us, with Memorial Day weekend in the rear view mirror. But many of the wounded warriors commemorated on that holiday continue to face every-day challenges. AZSA encourages you to HELP THEM HEAL by joining AZSA's year-long campaign: HELPING HEROES HEAL. Click on the headline - you'll be glad you did.

Local Search Ranking: How to be Found on Google

Local search optimization is paramount to the success of self-storage facilities in today’s fast-paced, mobile device driven world.

Tired of High Electricity Bills?

So was Southern Pavilion Storage in Casa Grande. Their solution? Cut the cord! They just celebrated their liberation from the power company with the installation of solar panels.

AZSA Board of Director Election Now Being Held

The annual election for the AZSA Board of Directors started mid-April. Ballots were mailed and are available on the website to all members in good standing (i.e. current with 2018 dues). Ballots are due back to the AZSA office on May 14 and results will be announced at the Annual Meeting on May 17. Click the headline above to read the rest of this article and download the ballot.

1st Quarter Self-Storage Investment Report Available

The Q1 survey of the Phoenix metropolitan area by Paul Boyle of Cushman & Wakefield was released this week. It reports 7 transactions and 3 facility openings in the first three months of 2018.

“Be Bold, Be Courageous, Be Your Best!” 

Astronaut, fighter pilot with 30 combat missions, and wife of beloved Arizona Congresswoman Gabby Giffords, Mark Kelly was the Keynote Speaker of the Self Storage Association’s Spring Conference in Orlando, FL, in March 2018.  He shared life lessons from his fascinating experiences - even finding a way to relate space exploration to the self-storage industry. Read on to find out how.

Don't Believe the Statistics

They tell a story, after the fact, but the don't tell "THE" story. Severely wounded Marine turned Veterans advocate Shermin Gillums Jr. urges AZSA members to look beyond the statistics, listen beyond what "they" say, and help the one who is in front of you by joining AZSA's Helping Heroes Heal campaign.

Helping Heroes Heal - One Auction at a Time

It's simple, yet powerful: Dedicate a space as a Charity Storage auction unit, select a charity that benefits wounded Veterans, fill it with items worth bidding on, and auction it off to benefit the cause - in conjunction with your regularly scheduled foreclosure auctions, live or online.

The Balancing Act of Supply & Demand

All real estate is cyclical, especially in Arizona, widely known as the place where real estate cycles are most dramatic. Cycles of over-building occur because of an abundant supply of inexpensive land combined with a great quantity of real estate developers. Recovery cycles occur because we are among the fastest growing states. And what does all of this mean for self-storage? Click the headline to read more.

Nominees Now Being Accepted for AZSA Board of Directors

This is your opportunity to effect the growth and direction of the Arizona Self-Storage Association. Directors must be AZSA members in good standing with an interest in advancing AZSA's mission: to strengthen the self-storage industry in Arizona, promoting professional standards and quality, and presenting a unified voice on issues affecting the industry in the state and in its communities.

Charity Storage Works with AZSA Members to HELP HEROES HEAL

A big thank you to Korey, Donna, Sarah, Melissa, and Tasha, members of the Professional Self Storage Management team who are leading the way in AZSA’s year-long campaign: HELPING HEROES HEAL. Gila Ridge Self Storage was the first, kicking off the campaign in Yuma at the January 23 Educational Workshop. Tolleson Self Storage joined the action this week and will kick off the campaign in Phoenix at the February 6 workshop, featuring The Hat Lady Anne Ballard. They are taking seriously the words of Sherman Gillums, Jr.: “Don’t pass the buck and assume someone else will help.” Click the headline to find out more about this severely wounded Marine turned Veterans advocate, and the HELPING HEROES HEAL campaign.

From the NFL to AZSA: Marcus Trufant Champions the Self-Storage Industry at AZSA's 2018 Conference

Preparation, focus, and follow through: key elements in a team’s success, both in sports and business. Marcus Trufant, 10-year NFL player for the Seattle Seahawks, talks about lessons learned on the football field that help him operate a successful self-storage portfolio.

“All Indicators Show No Signs of Investors Slowing Down”

In 2017, there were 24 self-storage transactions and 25 new self-storage facilities built in the Phoenix area, according to the Self-Storage Investment Report by Paul Boyle of Cushman & Wakefield. “Limited buying opportunities are causing investors to actively look in other markets,” says Paul, but, “All indicators show no signs of investors slowing down in 2018.”

Protect Your Facility from Illegal Activity

Illegal activity at self-storage properties leaves a trail of clues and signals, according the Arizona law enforcement officials. Read on to learn what they are and how to respond so that you can protect your business.

Severely Wounded Veteran & Charity Storage Lead the Way to Help Heroes Heal

"Life breaks everyone at some point," says Sherman Gillums, Jr., severely wounded Marine turned Vetarans advocate, and Keynote Speaker of the Operational Symposium of AZSA's 20th Annual Arizona Self-Storage Conference, September 26-27, 2018. Now Chief Strategy Officer at American Veterans, Gillums says you have to "draw upon your inner strength in those circumstances," and in all circumstances, "Help no mater what." His Keynote Address isn't until September, but we have a whole year ahead of us, so AZSA decided to do something new in 2018. Instead of just a charitable focus during our conference, we're turning it into a yearlong campaign to Help Heroes Heal, thanks to Sherman Gillums Jr. and Charity Storage.

AZSA Member Biltmore Bank Hosts Tax Reform Symposium

On February 7, The Biltmore Bank of Arizona is bring together a local tax attorney, CPA and economist to weigh in on the changes in the 2018 tax bill and how they affect business owners. The panel will focus on the impact of the new legislation on real estate investors, commercial business, operating companies, and the local and national economy.

Interested in Increasing Cash Flow?

Try cost segregation. It’s not new, and some of you are already doing it, but other owner/operators haven’t yet used this tax strategy to increase cash flow through accelerated depreciation. Additionally, for buyers and sellers in today’s dynamic self-storage real estate market, understanding cost segregation is more important than ever.

Member Stickers are in the Mail

The 2018 member stickers were mailed on February 1 to Owner/Operators for distribution to your Arizona stores, using the address on the dues invoice (which, in many cases, is NOT the facility address). Please watch for them so they can be displayed on facility windows. Also included in the mailing: form to nominate candidates for the AZSA Board of Directors and the Arizona Self-Storage Pioneer Award. Click on the headline to access the nomination form.

Google Says...Be Seen, Be Smart, Be Fast

How to Convert Online Searches into Closed Leases

Compete with the REITs by maximizing all the ways you can localize for your immediate surroundings, giving the consumer what they are looking for online, winning in the "upper funnel" - and "don't change channels"!