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And Now We're in Politics Too!

By Anne Mari DeCoster, AZSA Executive Director
Source: SpareFoot

Not much more than two years ago, we discovered it was finally sexy to be in self-storage when headlines heralded, "Self-Storage is the Most Profitable Real Estate Sector" and "Self-Storage has the Lowest Foreclosure Rate Among Real Estate Assets."

We thought we'd arrived! We had finally been recognized by Wall Street as a real estate asset worthy of its attention. What more could this nice, profitable, little industry achieve? 

Well, it seems that our next step into main stream society is politics, thanks to Troy Downing, CEO of California-based AC Self Storage Solutions (hmmm, that name reminds me of a few AZSA members...). He is running for Senate on the Republican ticket in Montana.

Troy's campaign motto is about being part of the solution to preserve the Last Best Place. Well, his success also promotes the Best Kept Secret about our industry and what a great one it is! I thought you'd like to know.  Check out all the details on SpareFoot's blog: 

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