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Ever Consider a Black Friday or Cyber Monday Special?

By Anne Mari DeCoster
Based on Miranda Paquet’s article on Constant Contact’s Customer Success Blog 

I know. You're thinking, "Black Friday and Cyber Monday are retail extravaganzas, not self-storage opportunities." Why not? Just because you never did it before? 

Southeastern Underdeck Systems had never done it before either. Underdecking and ceiling systems aren't exactly your run-of-the-mill retail products, but they had a great Cyber Monday Special.

Mini-Storage Messenger is planning one too. In fact, their sale runs Black Friday through Cyber Monday Special! AZSA members save 50% on the 2018 Almanac and 2018 Expense Book with promo code AZSA50.Mini Storage Messenger Logo

Back to Southeastern Underdeck Systems. Cyber specials just wasn’t their thing. But the owner/operator of this small business got the idea while receiving tons of Cyber Monday Specials via email. So he made his own on a lark, emailed it to his distribution list, and sold an additional $67,000 worth of products and services!  

Cyber Monday Specials, offered the Monday after Thanksgiving (Nov. 26 this year), are not a typical self-storage thing, but maybe it’s worth a try. Figure out which size or type of space you have in excess, send an email offering a 1 day special for that space rented on Cyber Monday – when everyone is shopping online.

If you’re a vendor to the industry, try offering a special to AZSA owner/operator and manager members for products or services bought or committed to on Cyber Monday.

Let us know how it works (! Good luck and Happy Storing!

Here are the details about Southeastern Underdeck Systems experience: 

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