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Lien Seminar Video Now on the AZSA Website

Log in to access the members area of the AZSA website, where you'll find the first several segments of a live recording of Richard Marmor's popular legal seminar:

Arizona Self-Storage

Lien & Auction Procedures

A to Z

Richard Marmor at Sedona Workshop 2017

The first segment is an Introduction to Foreclosure, including:

  1. What are our auctions about (Marmor’s Rule #1)?
  2. What options do you have when an occupant of rented space doesn’t pay?
  3. What is a lien?
  4. What kind of default gives rise to a lien under AZ self-storage statutes? 
  5. What is the difference between the collection process (per company policy) and the foreclosure process (per AZ statute)?
  6. When should you begin the foreclosure process? When is too early? Too late?
  7. What do you sell at auction?
  8. What is step 1?  When do you cut the lock?
  9. Does what is IN the unit make a difference?
  10. Is the unit empty (Marmor’s Rule #2)?
  11. Can contents of rented space in the foreclosure process be moved?

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