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Operations Manuals Now Available for AZSA Members

By Carol Mixon-Krendl and Richard Marmor, the AZSA Training & Procedures Manual and the AZSA Sale & Foreclosure Manual were developed by your association, for use in your Arizona self-storage facilities. While many of the concepts apply to the industry as a whole, these resources are specifically based on Arizona law governing self-storage. 


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Please download these resources and save them on your computer. In the AZSA Training & Procedures Manual, you will find fillable PDF pages after each section, called "Facility Specific Notes," so owners and supervisors can tailor the the manuals for use in your facilities.  

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A new AZSA form, Foreclosure Sale Checklist, is the only AZSA form that is not a fillable PDF. It is intended for print, so you can document each step of the auction process as you proceed. The rest of the AZSA forms are fillable PDFs. The Operations Forms are intended for print use only. 

All of these resources can be printed and kept in binders, so they are readily available for daily reference and for training sessions. 


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