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Want to Better Organize Your Self-Storage Maintenance & Repair?

By Mehdi Khalvati, Ph.D., Axxerion Inc.
AZSA Member

Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) is an industry term referring to a computer system for organizing and managing repair and maintenance activities.  This includes what is called corrective activities, such as when an unexpected issue occurs; preventive or scheduled activities, such as a regular inspection and service of the equipment. CMMS can also help in the process of capital expenditure, such as planned improvements in the properties. These activities are usually managed using work orders, which indicate an issue; its type (such as heating & cooling, electrical, etc.); its location, priorities and other characteristics.  Work orders are created based on a report of an issue or a maintenance schedule and then assigned to a responsible technician in the company or a local vendor, specializing in the issue, to be addressed. When an issue is addressed, its associated costs are calculated and transferred to accounting.

Many self-storage companies have seen the benefit of implementing CMMS. If you have installed CMMS, whether based on recommendations from colleagues in the company or the observation of competitors, you’ve chosen to see how CMMS can benefit your company’s operations. Having the proper CMMS installed can make all the difference with your company’s operation and elevating your business.

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