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Letter from Diane Gibson, President of AZSA

By Diane Gibson
President, AZSA


In case you haven’t noticed it’s summer time so let’s embrace it because after all, it’s a dry heat!
As the new President of AZSA, I’d like to give a big shout out to Dave King for his service over the past few years as AZSA President as well as the entire Board, including Amy Amideo as our new Executive Director.  These are the most amazing people in the Industry that work hard to ensure we are a top notch association here to serve our members with best practices guidelines, education,  and professional ethics.  I continue to learn from these great individuals everyday and am in awe of the hours they spend, on their own time, to make this Association so great!
I am very humbled to take over the Presidency and have BIG shoes to fill for the many that have served prior to my term.  I have served on the board as Secretary for many years and as VP for the past few years. I have been in this business for the past 25+ years and absolutely love this Industry.
Whether an Owner/Operator, Vendor or self storage manager you all are an outstanding group!   I hope to lead AZSA with the same commitment as those before me and in these times of COVID-19, I hope we can continue to lead, stay in front of the members with useful information and stay connected however that may be!  
Please make certain to watch for upcoming webinars and updates on any rescheduled events.  We are trying to navigate when it is best to network, in person, again but until then, stay safe, healthy and try to find the best in every circumstance.

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