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Frequently Asked Questions Address Your Concerns

When should you cut the lock? Can you reduce the risk of liability from auctions? What if the unit contain junk? 

These and other questions don't have to keep you up nights or get you into trouble. Find answers to these and more in the Members are of the AZSA website. Log in and find Frequently Asked Questions in the left sidebar. They cover auctions, motor vehicles, government liens, protected property, military tenants, and late fees. Some examples:

  • Do we have to auction?
  • What is a “commercially reasonable sale” according to the law?
  • What must be sent where, when, how?
  • Do we have to use certified mail? Verified mail? Newspaper ads?
  • What if there’s a lien?
  • What about sales tax?
  • How do we reduce auction liability?
  • What if there is no lease?
  • How do we sell a vehicle, RV, boat, equipment?
  • Can we use the abandoned vehicle process?
  • What if only part of a vehicle is there?
  • What if MVD has no information on file?
  • What is a Declaration of Sale and where do we get it?
  • What if the vehicle is owned by someone other than the tenant?

Get the idea? AZSA's FAQs cover your concerns. If you have one that is not addressed, please let us know so we can address it.  

To read them, log in using your email address and password. If you don't know your password, the forgot password option emails it to you. This and other resources brought to you by: 

Your Friends at AZSA



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