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An Evolution in Self-Storage

By Stephen Kougias, Communication Manager


Remember the old metal box self-storage facilities?  It’s time to take a fresh look at your next project and come up with an economical way of creating an eye-catching, beautiful modern building. 


Typically, the first consideration when developing any new self-storage is the ever-familiar, tried and true: location, location, location.   Both developers and customers want a conveniently located, self-storage facility.  With that thought in mind, repeat the location mantra and take one step–or as astronaut Neil Armstrong said–a giant leap forward. 


With self-storage facilities now popping up in metropolitan areas, business locations, and even residential settings, the look of the building requires a new aesthetic.  A brand new storage facility now goes beyond function and becomes one of pride, fitting in, and being a welcome neighbor in the community.  Putting your best foot forward makes a lasting impression and will help lead to a successful venture.


Using Unique, Economic Materials


Metal exteriors are still the first choice for most self-storage builders.  Steel self-storage manufacturers have responded to market demand by offering a wide array of colors and metal panels.  Different panel designs can be combined in a variety of ways to create appealing and durable textures.  Metal panels combined with other building materials create innovative self-storage designs incorporating a choice of colors, textures, patterns and finishes. 


When you build in prominent areas, looks matter.  Much like a first date, the visual becomes everything.  As a result, you’ll want to construct a building that makes an impact, visually speaking. 


While not wanting to reinvent the wheel or have your budget shoot through a self-storage roof, focus on the creative use of metal paneling best suited for a storage building.  The designer and builder would do well to investigate various metal types, spans, thicknesses, and widths to produce an aesthetically pleasing, attractive concept.  By doing so, ideas will blossom, and creativity will prevail. 


The use of metal paneling for aesthetics capitalizes on a durable product that maintains its looks. Galvanized finishes resist rust and corrosion.  Metal panels are also designed for ease and speed of installation making them the most cost-effective, easy to maintain and long-lasting choice for a self-storage building. 


In other words, let your imagination run free as you take self-storage development to new heights.



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