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Congratulations to AZSA's Newly Elected 2022 Board of Directors and Officers



Azsa Board Of Directors 2022

AZSA 2021-2022 Board of Directors


Thank you for voting in the 2022 Board of Directors election. Your participation in selecting this association's leaders is much appreciated and imperative now more than ever!


Congratulations to the re-elected board members David Brown, Jeff Gorden, Matt Hall, Ray McRae, Belinda Rosthenhausler and Chris Rudel.

Click the link below for bios and photos of all Directors of the Arizona Self-Storage Association.


AZSA Board of Directors


Congratulations to AZSA’s newly elected Officers!


President – Jeff Gorden

Vice President – Ray McRae

Treasurer – Whitney Jurjevich

Secretary – Carol Mixon 


Please see link above for their complete bios and reach out to say Congratulations!






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