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A Heartfelt Letter from the Outgoing AZSA President, Diane Gibson

By DIane Gibson - President/Owner, Cox's Armored Mini Storage Management
AZSA President, 2020-2022


Every few years, someone new gets the honor of serving as President of the Arizona Self Storage Association.  When Amy asked me to write my farewell message, it hit me that my term as President of this hugely successful Association was coming to an end.  Little did I know when I accepted this appointment that COVID would change just about everything that we knew and that my tenure for this appointment would be more virtual than in person.  While we made the most of the time, I truly missed the personal connection for sure.


Nevertheless, it’s been my honor.  AZSA just celebrated its 25 year anniversary and has many great things planned for the future!  The Association takes it mission very seriously and has and will continue to provide the best practices for its members as well as promote high quality standards of professionalism that are fully compliant with Arizona law.. 


Our Executive Director, Amy Amideo has great things planned and has a great vision for the association.   I leave this message to the board members, new and old, I wish you nothing but great success!  I trust that you will keep the Association relevant, interactive and educational and that you promise to have a little fun on the way.  To all members, stay connected, be active in your communities, get educated,  utilize your membership to network, and follow the best practices of the association and also have a little fun on the way!

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