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Anne Mari DeCoster


Anne Mari DeCoster has devoted over two decades to advancing the cause of the independent self-storage owner/operator. She serves as Chief Operating Officer of Storelocal, a storage co-op of independent owners, which exists to solve independents problems. The co-op's mission is perfectly aligned with Anne's goals to help independent owners compete with the publicly traded giants, even the playing field, keep their independence, and strengthen their businesses. She is helping launch the Storelocal Voluntary Brand program and the Storelocal Protection Plan. Anne also works with Storelocal's sister company, Tenant Inc., which is developing the industry's first operating system designed by owners, for owners.   

Anne served 10 years as AZSA's as Executive Director and currently serves as AZSA's Secretary. Prior to AZSA, she was worked with a self-storage developer and was involved in every phase of developing projects around the country, from concept to exit. Her consulting career started at Booz Allen & Hamilton and includes extensive work in the areas of defense, transportation, real estate, and energy. In the public arena, Anne has worked on every level of government (local, state, and federal), in every branch (executive, legislative, and judicial), on projects varying from investment strategy to technological R&D to national security. She is honored to also serve on the Board of Directors of Charity Storage, the official Charity Partner of the Self Storage Association. Anne holds a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science from Georgetown University. She is happily married with four grown sons and a delightful golden retriever.

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