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AZSA Self Storage


Granite Dells Storage & RV has utilized your assistance in many ways since I began managing
the day-to-day operations. I find that with your direction AZSA has become a partner in business
for us on so many levels.
You’ve been able to assist with Marketing ideas, Vendor Recommendations, Training Materials,
Legal Issues and much more. Whenever I’ve had a question or concern; my calls & emails are
returned immediately.
I highly recommend you and AZSA without hesitation to any storage facility whether here in AZ
or beyond.
If you’d like any additional information, please reach out to me via phone or email:


Rain Hall




Diving into the RV storage business we have been trying to find our way as we go.  We cannot thank you enough for your up-front and genuine support and assistance as we learn and get up to speed.

The amount of resources, training, and online content for us to access has been nothing short of fantastic. 

As new members, we appreciate the partnership and being welcomed into your group. It’s been invaluable!”

Mike Harrison, VP of Operations, CCR: A Lifestyle Company


Hello to all my fellow Arizona storage managers, assistant managers, and employees.
Hello also to those who work in upper management, and the owners, and even those who work in
our industry at the highest levels. Our shared objectives have everything to do with this open
“thank you” letter to the AZSA.

Fortunately, from the very beginning of my career I’ve worked for management
companies and owners who were wise enough to be members of AZSA, and to use the AZSA
lease. In the beginning, thoroughly understanding that lease – which was greatly aided by my
ability to have direct communications with the AZSA staff – was an important education in
itself. Thank you.

Even with that education, in the years that have followed, in the course of my working as
a manager for three different owners at five different facilities, there has been literally no end
(yet) to the unforeseen or “first-time” situations that have required me to seek additional specific
and legally relevant information – often with a tenant, or an owner, or both – waiting on me for
the solution. And in each case the needed information has been readily accessible to me through
the AZSA staff and/or the amazing AZSA website. Whew!! Thank you, thank you!!

Flagstaff Area Manager


To Whom It May Concern,


I have been a loyal member of the AZ Self-Storage Association since opening my facility, in 2002.  They have been consistently, and extremely, helpful with legal advice over the years.  Also, the protection provided with their lease agreement (updated as Arizona laws change) has been a very important benefit for me.  Their level of customer service remains to be exceptional and I would highly recommend them to any one new to the industry.


Vera Lusk

Red Roof Secured Storage




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