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How to Get a Quick Estimate

Here’s the 6 pieces of information you will need to provide:


  1. Product Type

Does your development include traditional single-story buildings, multi-story buildings or Boat & RV canopies? Will the storage buildings be climate controlled? This will be the primary driver that defines whether your budget can sustain your plans and a primary pivot point should you need to change your plans.

  1. Address of Site

Even if the specific address is not known, using a physical address as close as possible assists during the preliminary review of applicable building codes. Wind loads, seismic requirements and snow loads are important factors to consider during the budgeting process.

  1. A Roof Plan

Knowing the pitch of the roof, whether it is a single or double slope roof impacts the cost associated with interior and exterior wall framing. A higher pitched roof is going to require more material than a lower pitched roof and ultimately that will affect your total cost. Roof options for multi-story buildings include both metal standing seam roof or TPO.

  1. Unit Mix and Floor Layout

Have you completed a unit mix? Storage Structures can help you lay out an optimal unit mix for your planned development, ensuring you are meeting your client’s needs. Note that offices, elevator lobbies, loading zones often require more robust building materials. We can help you optimize your floor layout.

  1. Exterior Finishes

Exterior walls are considered part of the primary structure and they comprise a variety of materials: CMU block, metal cladding, EIFS, insulated metal panels, brick, stone, etc. Your local jurisdiction may have specific code requirements to take into account, particularly on street facing surfaces. The exterior finishes will impact exterior wall framing requirements, insulation and costs.

  1. Insulation Requirements

Insulation requirements, noted as an R-value for exterior walls and roofs, are typically defined by the local or regional building code. Using the jobsite address, the estimator can verify the requirements and focus on the necessary insulation materials needed to meet them. Ultimately, your architect will verify these requirements.

These basic pieces of information help estimators put together an accurate budget for your development. If you need to make any adjustments, our knowledgeable estimating team at Storage Structures can help you value engineer aspects of your plans to better meet your budget.

For more information about how Storage Structures can help you design and budget your next self-storage project, please visit our website at


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