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Vehicle/Boat Addendum - Blank

50 count, 2 part NCR copies, blank

AZSA’s Vehicle and Boat Storage Addendum, designed to complement and work with AZSA’s Standardized Lease, sets a new standard for RV and boat storage documentation.  In one place it enables you to:

  • Collect the right documentation for stored vehicles, boats, trailers, and accompanying dollies, etc. in one place;
  • Exercise lien rights as needed;
  • Clarify your rights and remedies with respect to an auto left in the space while the RV is on the road;
  • Protect yourself and your renters when rented space or vehicle/boat is blocked by another renter;
  • Protect yourself with respect to the treatment of fluids inside an RV or boat;
  • Take appropriate measures if your renter’s parking habits impede other renters’ use of space;
  • Defend against renter’s insurance company in the event that the vehicle/boat is found mysteriously damaged;
  • And more.

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